Feature on Mickey J. Corrigan, RealLife Rum #Giveaway

 This week's Feature on Author is on Mickey J. Corrigan and her latest release REALLIFE RUM. And there is a Kindle copy of RealLIfe Rum Giveaway! 

Mickey J Corrigan

  1. How do you come up with the ideas for new stories?
1 My story ideas are usually the result of a conversation I have with someone about world events, personal problems, or social issues. We'll be talking and I will think (or say), Now that's a good idea for a book. Typically I need two such ideas before the plot comes to mind. I rarely know the ending for my stories. I find them out as I write. 

2. Does writer's block ever happen to you?
 I never get writer's block because for me writing is just like any other kind of work. You get up every day and do what needs to be done. I admit it, I get cooking dinner block and cleaning the bathroom block. But writing is much more enjoyable than a lot of other work that demands my time and attention. I'd rather write!
3. How do you/would you cope if/when it strikes?
If I feel like I'm writing badly or I'm not getting fresh ideas, I keep working. Usually the next day I can go back and fix whatever was not happening the day before. If it's really bad and I'm too fuzzy or tired, I'll go walk the beach. After that, my mind is clear and I have the energy to sit down and work again.

4. Of all the stories you've written, what's your favorite?
 Songs of the Maniacs is my favorite novel for the language used. It's literary. Tequila Dirty contains my favorite plot. It's clever. But my favorite book isn't published yet. It's called Project XX and it's about a smart, well behaved teen who befriends a wild chick and the two girls get into lots of trouble. It's very controversial. My agent couldn't sell it to a New York publisher, but I still hope to find a good home for it.

5. Do you live in your' character's world while you write..
  I absolutely live in my characters' worlds when I'm writing. I enjoy escapism: reading, a good film or TV series. And when I'm writing, I can escape into the world I create. My stories are dark, sexy, edgy, exciting, and funny. That's the world I want to live in. It's much less boring than the world I do live in!

Mickey J Corrigan's latest offering:

RealLife Rum
Book #4 in The Hard Stuff series
from The Wild Rose Press
January 28, 2015

A good rum can mix well with anything.

Marina Winston's like a daiquiri: cold and sweet and a bit tart. Now her life has suddenly turned bitter.

RealLife Rum asks the kind of questions you might ponder after a little too much time spent at your favorite tropical bar. Such as: Who determines your destiny? The gods or the gods of money?
Marina Winston is about to find out. She's been invited by a stranger to Dusky Beach, Florida, and will meet her destiny there. Her fate involves RealLife Shares, a spy who loves her, a pink pistol, and a handsome police officer with eyes like an Alaskan dog. Also a hedge fund owned by a mysterious multimillionaire and a blatant murder. All this has something to do with Marina, but she has no idea what.
Officer Handsome interrogates her—and turns her on. To Marina, the cool cop represents the chance to demonstrate her freedom of choice. And Marina is determined to choose her own destiny.

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