Feature on Dani Collins & The Wrong Heirs

This week's Spotlight is on author Dani Collins and her latest release, The Marriage He Must Keep.

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I came up with the idea for The Wrong Heirs, which is a baby swap duet, from first considering a Twins-Separated-At-Birth premise. I was really excited by the idea because I hadn’t seen it done much. I knew right away that the mothers should recognize the mistake immediately. After all, it's romance! We want those feel-goods, right? I also knew that in this day and age, it’s really hard to have a mistake like that happen. Hospitals are very diligent about these sorts of things. (Although, in my own experience, when my daughter was born just after midnight, the doctor showed me how he had written the date and time of her birth on my bracelet and I promptly said, “Doesn’t that mean we’re actually into the 17th now? Not the 16th? Doh!) So mistakes happen! 

In THE MARRIAGE HE MUST KEEP, I made the swap a deliberate act of sabotage, which allowed me to give Alessandro some difficult family back story and plenty to overcome as he tries to hold onto Octavia and son! Then, in the second book, THE CONSEQUENCE HE MUST CLAIM, Sorcha is an innocent victim of this same mischief. Wouldn’t you know that sorting out paternity forces her secret baby to be revealed—which is quite a surprise for Cesar because he has amnesia and doesn’t remember making love to her! The Wrong Heirs is a Jan/Feb release. I hope you enjoy them!
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