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This week's Feature on Author is on Kamy Chetty and her latest release Made To Die. There's a Kindle Copy Giveaway of Made To Die to one commenter! 

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1.    How did you pick the title for your books?

I usually don't like choosing titles because I never get it right and someone else always has the same title. I think this book had several titles before I settled on the final one. When I start a new WIP, I usually save the document as the lead female's name until I have a working title. Sometimes it's only later that I know what that might be. With Made to Die- it fit because it was about Sophie and it's how she saw herself.

2. How did you choose the setting for your books?
There are a few factors that I considered. First from a marketing perspective. What sells. This has to factor into what you're writing. Do people want to read about serial killers and body dumps in suspense. What is it about your book that's different? And what setting will be believable.
If I set my book in New Zealand, chances are it's not going to be as realistic, and I wouldn't be able to get a great buy in from people. But if I set it in USA, then it becomes a little more believable and realistic.
There are groups of Russians trafficking woman in the USA. There are organs being sold on the black market. Whether we like to know about these things or not, it's happening. All these things are within the realm of reality.

3. How did you come up with the names for your heroes and heroines?
Sophie was always there. I always had her in my mind. I started off with her, so she became the heroine long before there was a story. Troy Saban, I'm not sure how he came about. I think he was a rugby player and when the book became a suspense novel, he had to move to the USA and become jock.

4.What makes your heroes irresistible?
They are struggling with their own demons. They aren't perfect and they don't have all the answers. They've been hurt and they make mistakes like the rest of us.
Sometimes when they're meant to be strong they're not, and but when it matters, they come through for us.

5. Share some random facts about yourself...
I'm addicted to coffee. I watch too much TV and read too many books, not necessarily in that order.
I can't say no to people, so I end up putting my hand up for everything because I want to help people. I have been accused of being too nice, although I can be a fire breathing dragon.

6. Your advice to new writers.
Listen to those who know what they're talking about. There is a wealth of information out there. I've learned so much. Find a writing group, go to conferences, network, join a loop. Get involved and learn. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Tell us about your book...

Wow-Made to Die started off as a journey of a strong female character who was going to find love. Simple.
I started the book over a year ago and then I went through a rough time and my experience changed me. It affected the book and somehow the book took on a life of its own and became a suspense rather than a medical romance.
The story became about a girl who was made to save her sister, was never shown love, and her journey to discover her own path in the world.
During this journey she encounters death, kidnapping and there are a few twists in the plot but the most important thing is she finds her happy ending.
She gives us hope when at times we feel there is none.
I do hope that you enjoy suspense, a good plot twist and a surprise ending.
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  1. Is there really such a thing as too much TV?

  2. I'm with you on that one- now I can call it research- isn't writing a beautiful thing. thanks for dropping by

  3. I don't think its possible to read too many books. What a creepy cover. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm struggling with a title right now and I've had title changes in the past, so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. It took me a long time to learn to say no to people. It was draining saying yes all the time.


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