Feature on Melanie Milburne and A Date With Her Valentine Doc #Giveaway

This week's Feature on Author is on Melanie Milburne and her latest release romance A DATE WITH HER VALENTINE DOC. And there is a Giveaway! 

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1.  What are a few things we would find in or on your desk?

Cat hair! One of our cats loves sitting behind my computer. My R*BY and ARRA trophies and a spare pair of reading glasses in case I’ve left my other ones downstairs. Dog treats (they’re in my drawer, not on my desk) for my three poodles who do tricks for me when I need a break from writing. A cup of tea, usually half drunk and cold because I’ve forgotten it’s there when I’ve got on a roll with a scene.

2.  What motivates you to write?

I love the process of getting to know characters and crafting their story with them. It is like a journey or in some ways solving a complicated jigsaw puzzle. I have to get all those pieces on the table and then get them in the right order. It is the most satisfying thing to sit back once it’s done. It’s why I come back and do it again. And again!

3. Share something about yourself no one else knows?

If I tell you then everyone will know! Actually, a few people know anyway but I have different coloured cups for different times of the day. It’s very OCD but I just can’t drink out of the wrong cup. It makes me feel antsy.

3.  Tell us about your book...
Dr Bertie Clark is jilted at the altar so when she comes back to work from her
“ honeymoon” she is too embarrassed to tell anyone. All would have been fine if it hadn’t been for her new and handsome and single boss, Dr Matt Bishop. He is already suspicious about her research project with its alternative and holistic leanings, but then Bertie finds out Matt has a secret of his own.
I loved pitting a hardliner scientist with a free spirited hippy. I felt at times I had no control over the dialogue-it just seemed to happen. I had so much fun writing this book and the sister book Italian Surgeon To The Stars.

Warmest wishes,
Melanie Milburne

Three rules for dealing with Dr. Matt Bishop, my new boss:

No one, least of all Matt, must find out the truth about my being jilted at the altar!

Just because Matt inspires some seriously X-rated thoughts, he's my boss and is 100% off-limits.

Working on the hospital's St. Valentine's Day Ball with him might sound like fun, but with all these sparks flying around I must remain calm, aloof and professional...

But Valentine's Day is nearly here - surely a girl deserves a little fun! What harm could there be in just one kiss...?

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A Date with Her Valentine Doc

by Melanie Milburne

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  1. Great interview! I think the premise sounds very intriguing!

  2. Hi Melanie

    I loved this story it was lots of fun :)

    Love tat you have different coloured cups for different times o he day :) I should do something like that I have so may lovely cups

    Have Fun

  3. Different colored cups for different times of the day? I'd drive you crazy then--I drink out of the same cup for days on end. (Water, and I do wash it... Occasionally...)

  4. Wow! Loved this book Melanie. It was a perfect mix of quirky, fun, romance and all the fab stuff that makesa perfect story. I love love love your emotional stuff Melanie and this one was polar opposites but just as amazing I think. I couldnt believe id finished the last page when it arrived. Thank you for another fab read :)


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