Feature on Helen Lacey, Claiming His Brother's Baby, #Giveaway

This week's Feature on Author is on Helen Lacey and her latest release romance Claiming His Brother's Baby. And there is a Giveaway! 
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1.    If you have a pen name, can you explain how you came up with it?
No pen name….but I use my maiden name
2.    What are a few things we would find in or on your desk?
Mess! LOL. Okay…books, pens, my laptop, a bottle of water and usually one of my cats, Candy.
3.    What motivates you to write?
The story itself….I love writing so it’s never a chore, it’s always a pleasure.
4.    Share something about yourself no one else knows?
I have a coulrophobia….a fear of clowns. 
5. Tell us about your book...

                Claiming His Brother’s Baby is my January release from Harlequin Special Edition and the sixth instalment of Crystal Point series.  It was a book that kind of came into itself while I was writing the previous book. It’s about two people who seem to have something insurmountable between them – the hero’s brother, who is the father of the heroine’s baby. Of course they get their Happily Ever After, but it was fabulous sharing their journey along the way.

His Brother's Family

Cassie Duncan knew it was only a matter of time until Tanner McCord tried to sell her house out from under her. Still, the single mom can't help but be touched by the sacrifices the handsome loner makes for her and her son, even babysitting when she's sick! She knows he's keeping secrets - after all, it runs in his family...

Tanner returned to his childhood home in Australia to settle his estranged brother's estate - not fall for the woman who'd borne his brother's son. But one look into Cassie Duncan's blue eyes, and the rancher's heart was lassoed good and tight. He wants to give Cassie everything she's been denied...but doing so means confessing the truth about his brother and might ruin their chances at true family...

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  1. Great interview. I loved reading about you, Helen, congrats on the release!

  2. Sounds like an interesting book.


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