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We're happy to welcome our old friend Suzanne Ross Jones back to RBH to tell us all about her new release YOUR SECRET SMILE, a contemporary sweet romance and the first of her new series MONTCRAIG SWEETHEARTS.  Suzanne has authored several novels, all available on Kindle as well as a short story anthology and is a regular short story contributor to several British publications.  She's also been published in Australian magazines too.   So let's find out more about YOUR SECRET SMILE....


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ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Suzanne's giveaway is T.F. Walsh.

What gave you the inspiration for your latest release?
A friend made a short film about a theatre that had been refurbished by a local businessman. It was really interesting stuff, so I’d had the idea to use a theatre refurbishment backdrop in mind for a while. When my lovely editor at The People’s Friend suggested that I try writing a pocket novel for them, the characters of Sean and Grace arrived – and I decided the theatre would be a perfect place to have them hang out together on dark Scottish evenings.

How did you think of the name for the book?
How did you think of the name for the book? I didn’t. Or, at least, I didn’t think of this name. The book was
originally called ‘Sean McIver’s Return’ – but the pocket novel was published as ‘Your Secret Smile’. The ebook and the large print version have different edits to the pocket novel, but they all have the exact same story. To save on confusion (and as there’s no copyright in titles) I used the pocket novel title.

Which is your favourite type of hero?  Strong and masterful or sensitive and empathetic?Oh, I like all types of heroes. Sometimes I’m the mood to read about strong and masterful and at other times an entirely more sensitive hero will get my vote.

Can you sum up your book in a tweet?
Sean McIver's eager to renew old acquaintances. But Grace is determined she's not going to allow the same man break her heart twice.

How many books will come in the new series?
At the moment, I have another four in mind, but these characters are speaking to me quite a lot, so the series might well go on and on.

Thank you so much for inviting me onto your blog today, Nas, I’m always thrilled to visit you.


When Sean McIver left town to go travelling, he took a piece of Grace Anderson’s heart with him. It’s taken years for her to get over him, but at last she’s happy on her own. Her time is filled with good friends and fulfilling work as a maths teacher. But when Sean returns it’s obvious he’s intent on causing havoc in her well ordered life.

Sean had only been gone five minutes when he realised he should never have left Grace. Over the years, she has never been far from his thoughts. When he’s offered a job at the school in his old hometown, he hopes this will be a chance to make up for past mistakes – particularly as Grace now works at the same school. All he needs to do is convince Grace that an art teacher with a head full of dreams can be compatible with a practical maths specialist.

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Suzanne has a copy of one of her backlist books for one lucky reader too.  All you have to do to be in the draw is leave a comment. 


  1. Great interview! This sounds like it is a great read. Interesting on how the name change came about~

  2. Hi Shelly - thank you so much for dropping by.

    I still think of it as Sean McIver's Return in my head. But I've been caught out myself when a book has had a name change and I've bought two copies.


  3. Well done you - the only one of us from school who actually went on to write books! - Fi xx

    1. Aw, bless you, Fi.

      Still time for you to write books - I still remember how you held us all spellbound, waiting for the next installment of your stories at school.


    2. Hi Fiona, thanks for coming over to support Suzanne. Delighted to meet you.

  4. Can't wait to read this book. Great to see you here, Suz.

    1. Thank you so much for all your help, Maria. xx

  5. Great post and interview Suzanne and Maria. Thanks.

    All the best Suzanne.


    1. Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your blog, Nas. Much appreciated.


    2. Hey Nas, good to catch up with you again.

  6. Great interview, Suzanne. I've read your book and it is fab! However wins your book is in for a treat! Caroline x

  7. Hi Caroline, great to see you over here.

  8. Great interview... congrats Suzanne on your new book:)


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