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This week our Feature is on Wendy Davies. She has her debut book, Good Enough for Love out now!

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Who is Amber?

Amber’s a city girl through and through. She’s determined, and never hesitates to do her best, better than best, in everything she does. She puts all herself into her job and does whatever she can to make things better. She has a caring, but practical outlook on life and is willing to help those in need. But Amber does not believe that anything she does is enough. Enough to satisfy an inner need to prove herself worthy. To prove she is good enough to have someone’s love.
Amber’s life hasn’t been easy, though she would be the first to disagree with that statement, saying she’s just an ordinary person living her life the best she can. Amber has her best friend, Zoe and her faithful dog, Rufus by her side. That’s enough to give her a fulfilling life. Or so she thinks, until she inherits a hotel in Willow’s Bend from a grandfather she never knew.

Did she make a mistake in her dealings with Zach?

Amber knows immediately that Zach’s handsome and way too good for her. Less than a day later, she thinks he’s unreliable, untrustworthy and way he lifts that right eyebrow of his is annoying. As she gets to know Zach more, she sees another side of him, one she’s even more attracted to, so attracted to him, it scares her silly. And she’s mystified by his habit of leaning on the nearest vertical surface. Even though she won’t admit it, even to herself, she begins to trust Zach.
She tells herself Zach only helps her because he wants to save his town. His family has generations of history in the district after all. He’s honourable and well respected. No way would a guy like him be romantically interested in a girl like her. Someone abandoned by her mother when she was 16 and left to cope on her own.

Can they save their town?

Amber has no intention of staying in Willow’s Bend. She has no interest, initially, in the town or its people. All she wants is to do the hotel up, so she can sell it and move on with her life. She gives herself six months to accomplish this.
But then she discovers a previously unknown aunt who runs the local bakery in Willow’s Bend, and an air force pilot cousin based in Darwin. Before long, she gets to know, through talk around town, all about the grandfather she inherited the hotel from, a person she never met. Then there’s the local women, the barman, the Stock and Feed Store owner, and even the mayor, all of whom accept her unconditionally. Well, maybe not the mayor. Not at first anyway.
And, of course, there’s Zach Wentworth, a local sheep and wheat farmer who rescues her the first night in town. He’s annoying and opinionated and the most handsome man in existence. And he keeps trying to help her, often with unsolicited advice on how to get the hotel back on its feet. Like he thinks she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She does. Like he doesn’t believe she’s good enough to claim the hotel as hers. Well, she’ll prove him, and the rest of the town, wrong.
Amber, does in fact, save the town. Quite unintentionally, she galvanises the locals to think outside the box. But renovating the hotel, and saving the town, is not smooth sailing. For Amber, it is one step forward to three steps backwards. And she’s constantly worried about her finances and her ability to make the hotel a success.

Good Enough For Love: Willow's Bend Series, Book 1

Renovating a country hotel challenges everything Amber knows … about family and about love.

When Amber Hutchinson inherits a country hotel, she wants to sell it and move on. The money she’ll earn will secure her future, even if living in the country while renovating a hotel never featured in her plans.

Zach Wentworth, a local sheep farmer, wants to do the right thing. When he comes across a woman stuck in the hotel window, he naturally tries to help.

Sure, Amber knows their sizzling attraction won’t last. It never does, because she’s never been good enough for anyone to love.

Without the hotel, Willow’s Bend is likely to die a slow death, so Zach does whatever he can to secure his town's future. But doing the right thing might mean risking his heart.

With the town eagerly watching their every move, Amber and Zach must choose between protecting their hearts and taking a chance on love.

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  1. Sounds like a sweet read. It's hard for someone to trust when her trust has been shattered like that.

    1. Thank you Liz. Amber does have trust issues. But you'll have to read the story to see how she overcomes this and falls in love...

  2. I like the premise for this story. Sounds really good.

  3. Sounds like a lovely book with main character getting to know people in town and her late grandfather.

    1. Thank you Tamago...and here's hoping you'll give my story a try.

  4. Amber sounds like a wonderful heroine :)

    1. Thanks Anna. I like Amber as well. :)

  5. What a lovely feature! Good for her!

  6. I will enjoy reading this book. Thanks Wendy!


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