Feature on Amalie Berlin & Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh #Giveaway

This week's Feature on Author is on author Amalie Berlin. And there's a Kindle copy giveaway of her latest release Falling for Her Reluctant Sheikh to one commenter! 

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About Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh...
The last thing Dr. Adalyn Quinn wants is to go anywhere. Ever. She relishes her quiet neighborhood, her nearby sleep clinic, and the quaint shops lining the scant blocks she walks in between them. But suckered by a plea from her only close family, she must brave a series of mobile metal death traps(you know: cars, trucks, and airplanes) and persistently chase her big brother's best friend to treat him.
Prince Khalil Al-Akkari is the regent for a Middle Eastern desert kingdom, and has a secret haunting his nights. The only place he can get any peace is in the desert, away from the palace, where he can cast off his royal responsibilities and hide behind a fake company logo and name, and get back to treating patients as he did before duty pulled him home. But Adalyn invites herself wherever he goes, ever refusing to be left behind. In the desert, she disturbs him, his routine and his sleep, and the nightmares find him...

...where there's nowhere to hide from her what he did.

Falling for a desert prince… 
Sleep therapist Dr. Adalyn Quinn has had difficult patients before…but gorgeous Prince Khalil Al-Akkari presents a whole new challenge! Darkly brooding, and haunted by the night he failed to save his brother, Khalil is the last man Adalyn should desire…

But as they share long nights under a desert moon it becomes impossible to deny their sizzling chemistry. Can Adalyn help Prince Khalil recover the peace that eludes him…even if it means unlocking the heart she's protected for so long?



  1. Wow, sounds or irresistible--the desert under the stars, and two reluctant lovers. Great premise, Amalie!

  2. This sounds like a great read. Wishing you much success.

  3. Hmmm, sounds yummy. You had me at sizzling chemistry, but a brooding man under a desert moon makes it sound downright irresistible. Good luck with it!

  4. Congratulations on the new release, sounds awesome story!

  5. I want to know what he did. He sounds mysterious.

  6. Thank you, ladies :) This book has firmly established itself as my favorite to date -- a position that my debut held since .. er... my debut :)

    (And that was before the crazy-hot dude on the cover...)

  7. Congrats to Amalie on her new release!


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