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This week's Feature on Author is on Amy Ruttan and her latest release Dare She Date Again? She came with giveaways!

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Tell us about yourself?
 I'm a Mom to three goofy and wonderful children. I'm married to my best friend. I love traveling, if I can travel by car. I'm not much of a flyer and writing is my dream job. I've always wanted to be a writer. I'm extremely blessed to be doing what I've always wanted to do.

What inspired you to be a writer?
 I was an avid reader as a child and it was when I was about 6 reading Little House on the Prairie and made the connection that the author had been a real person. That authors were real (because when you're a kid you don't really think about the author). I was so excited, I loved writing stories and the fact I could grow up and write books probably set me on the path I am now.

How did you choose your genre?  
When I was a kid my mother read Presents. Lots of books about Sheikhs. The first romance I read was a Presents and then my grandmother started slipping me larger novels by Connie Mason and Johanna Lindsey when I was a teenager. I then knew exactly that I wanted to write romance. I originally started writing to break into historical romance, but that didn't pan out. During a Fast Track for medical romance I thought why not? I love Grey's Anatomy and I tried out for the Medical Romance Fast Track and the rest is history. 

What made you tell this story and why did you write this book?  
George was a secondary character in my debut book Safe in His Hands. He had a bigger than life personality and I knew he needed his own story. In fact he was quite vocal for me to write his story, but I had to wait a couple books before I could give him his story since my editor wanted my second book to be set in a big city (Melting the Ice Queen's Heart) and my third book (Pregnant with the Soldier's Son) just burst out of me. I wrote that first draft so fast. So George had to wait until I was writing my fourth book.

How did you come up with the title? 
 I don't title my books. Harlequin titles my books. I give my books a place holder title and it's always changed. Dare She Date Again? was actually titled Fear of Flying by me. I've kind of given up on titling a bit LOL, because I hate titling books. I'll gladly let my editor and the Medical team come up with a title. Book #5 (It Happened in Vegas March 2015) was originally titled Army Dr.

What is your favourite scene?  
My favorite scene is the ending. I was so happy to give George and Samantha that ending. I also like one of the early scenes with George and Samantha out on their first emergency call. That scene played out so well in my head and so vividly. Plus George came out as a hero. Loved writing that.

 Tell us a little about your book?

If you've read Safe in His Hands you'll be familiar with George the air paramedic. Dare She Date Again? Is George's book. It's about a widow Samantha who, after ten years, finds a second chance at love with George. It's set in Canada again, in a place I know very well. I loved being able to write George and Samantha's story. It was hard to leave them behind when the book was done.


To love again…? 

Single mom and paramedic Samantha Doxtator has been living with a broken heart after losing her husband years ago. Now she's finally back on track and following her dream to become an air ambulance pilot…after training one last student—George Atavik!

Since nearly losing his life in a plane crash, George will not waste the second chance he's been given, and he won't deny the sparks flying between him and his new mentor. Does Samantha dare risk her own carefully guarded heart for another opportunity at happiness?

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  1. Congrats, Amy! That's adorable how you decided you wanted to be a writer at a young age.

  2. I love when a minor character demands his own story. :)

  3. I wish I had someone to write my titles for me--that's always one of the hardest parts :) Sounds like a great read, Amy!

  4. Sounds like a great read.

  5. I hate flying, too. Maybe it's that we writers have such vivid imaginations!

  6. I was in awe of authors as a child and put them on pedestals.

    Great cover and that's interesting about the titles.

  7. Love the sound of this one :)

    Have Fun

  8. I'm going to ditto what Kelly said. Those secondary characters really do love to speak up! :)

  9. So nice to here from Amy! I think it is so cool when secondary characters end up getting their own book. :)

    Best of luck to Amy!


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