Feature on Mickey J. Corrigan and Tequila Dirty

This week's Feature on Author is on Mickey J. Corrigan.

Bad Boys: In Life and in Romance
Mickey J. Corrigan

I've written about my share of bad boys, but I have to admit something. In my stories, I really hate to pair a bad boy with a decent girl. Hey, I can't say I never do it. But I always try to make my female protagonists equally screwed up. Because I hate to see a good girl fall for the usual bad boy lines.
Why does it make me cringe? Because so many of my friends have married bad boys. And in every case, the ending was not a happy one.
In addition to writing books, I have a small business where I edit and ghostwrite other people's work. One of my current clients is writing a memoir about her nightmare marriage to a bad boy. When she fell for him, this guy was handsome, rich, well-educated and sexy. He also turned out to be a drunk, an addict, a gambler and a womanizer. Oh, and a well-known doctor who had his pick of the women in their busy city. Could it be any worse?
Yes, it could. He beat her. And their kids.
Okay, so that's an extreme case. Still, bad boys do not always mature into the best husbands and fathers. They are usually bad boys for a reason: immaturity, which despite advancing age may not diminish; childhood abuse, which may not lead to a productive parenting; addiction prone personalities, which can remain an issue for a lifetime.
In romance books, the good girl whips her bad boy into shape. Ta da: HEA. In real life, the odds of one of us good girls turning a bad boy around aren't all that good. Vegas probably wouldn't bet on us. So why do we love us our bad boys?
In her touching and horrifying memoir, my client says this about that. He needed her. She wanted to help him. She believed in her ability to take care of him. To heal the hurt little boy inside.
Unfortunately for her, that was fantasy.
Fortunately, she is a strong and smart woman. Her story has a happy ending. She left her abusive husband and got counseling. Then she met a nice guy and married him.
Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. The tropics provide a lush, steamy setting for hot Florida pulp. Recent books include the edgy novellas in The Hard Stuff series from the Wild Rose Press: Whiskey Sour Noir, Vodka Warrior, Mai Tail Guy (a free read) and the new novella Tequila Dirty. In this twisted story, a good cop meets a bad girl. And wishes he hadn't.

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Blurb for Tequila Dirty:
Something bad has happened (again) in Dusky Beach. And Rita Deltone, a
tough talking waitress from Lemon Run, Florida, is smack in the middle of it. She's being interviewed while all trussed up, lying there in the stark white room with a bandage on her head. She knows all too well the dirt road she took to get down so low, but she takes the long way around in the telling.

Liam Donell is the new detective in town. His partner is on vacation so he has to handle all the dirty work. But this Rita chick is pretty cute. He's not making the best decisions regarding the case, then it turns real ugly.

An unlikely couple, Rita and Liam try to make the best of a bad situation. With hot, hilarious, and surprising results.

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  1. I've never understood the allure of bad boys. Not that I'm all that good, but I prefer nice guys.

  2. I am glad your friend was able to get out of her bad marriage. I know many people who have fallen for bad boys- and it typically doesn't end well. Great to hear why you don't usually pair a bad boy with a "nice" girl.

    Best of luck!


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