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This week's Author Feature is on author Amy Ruttan. There is a print signed copy of PREGNANT WITH THE SOLDIER'S SON  for one commenter. Open International.

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Over to Amy now...


1. How do you keep coming up with fresh characters and stories?


That’s a tricky one to answer. One I’ve actually thought about. My mind is constantly going, to the point I have really hard time falling to sleep most nights because it’s talking to me constantly. Anything can trigger an idea. A picture, a song, a situation, scenery.


One book I’m currently working on, well I got the inspiration from the Maroon Five song “If I Never See Your Face Again” featuring Rihanna. Actually, it was more the video.


I sometimes wonder how people, who don’t write, not come up with story ideas. LOL I said this to my one friend recently and she said she wonders how I write as much and often as I do.


2. What do you like to read?


Anything, when I get the chance to read. I’m a very eclectic reader. It’s the same when I listen to music too.


3. What's your favorite place to read?


In bed. I actually find reading helps calm my over active imagination and gets me ready to settle for the night. Except when I read such fantastic stories which I can’t put down. When that happens I never get to sleep. I have to read what happens next.


4. What are some of your reading pet peeves?


I don’t like reading a series and find the author changed something from book 1 in book 4. I remember. That’s annoying. I also don’t like simpering, weak women. Some of the heroines from the romance novels when I was a girl relied on a man to save her. I like my heroines feisty. I like them to be able to hold her own with an Alpha.


5. Do your characters stick with you after you've finished a book and if so, how do you handle it?


In both reading and writing, yes. Characters do stick with me for a while. When I’m reading that’s the mark of a good book for me. I don’t mind them sticking around. When I’m writing, it’s hard to let them go. I loved being with them and it’s sad to hand them over to my editor. I do miss them. I used to have to take a month off to recover, with my writing schedule now I don’t have that luxury and I have to shake them in two weeks. It’s hard, I’m still learning, but usually I go on a movie binge. I don’t read a book. I don’t write. I just watch movies, television shows to cleanse my brain. I’m trying to get it down to a week.



6. How do you handle writer's block?


I listen to music. Usually I can find a song that will make the muse start talking to me again. If that doesn’t a nice long drive will work.


7. What motivates you to write your books?


My kids. I like being able to show them that you can follow your dreams. My dream since I was a young girl was to write and become an author. Also, I don’t think the characters in my head would be quiet. They can become very vocal.


8. Tell us a little about your book...


I love secret babies. They’re like a guilty pleasure and I wanted to write a secret baby, but more like a secret pregnancy I guess because my heroine is still pregnant by the time she meets up with the hero again.


When "living a little"…

While celebrating her promotion, the last thing strait-laced orthopedic surgeon Ingrid Walton expects is to be seduced by mysterious dashing soldier and army medic Clint Allen. Especially when there are consequences to their passionate night!

…becomes "living for two"!
Seven months later Ingrid comes face-to-face with the father of her unborn baby…now the new trauma surgeon! But Clint has changed—his last tour of duty has left emotional scars. Can sharing their baby, their work and an undeniable chemistry give them a chance to heal their pasts and enjoy the future…together?




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There is a print signed copy of PREGNANT WITH THE SOLDIER'S SON  for one commenter. Open International.





  1. Definitely agree with the feisty heroine! I hate simpering leads (male and female!).

    1. Yes! Which is why I love Frozen so much. Strong heroine and hero.

  2. I do the plotting while falling asleep thing, too. (Until I found a lovely spray that helped turn off the voice so I could sleep!) And I have been known to stay up until 4 AM (or 7 AM!) when I couldn't put down a book (that's when I finally finished it!).

  3. Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Kids are so inspiring. I completely agree.

  5. I always have ideas for stories popping into my head. I wonder how non-writers don't, too! Very nice interview!

    1. Yeah, it's constant, Sherry. I can't imagine it any other way.

  6. Anonymous04 July, 2014

    A secret pregnancy does sound like an interesting part of a story.

    Reading does calm me down. My mind also keeps running with ideas.

  7. It's interesting--it seems people who don't write still sometimes come up with great story ideas. Tell a non-writer you're a writer and you'll sometimes get a boatload of ideas. I think this is especially true for screenwriters. Everyone seems to have an idea for a movie or TV show or reality show!

  8. What a great interview! Like Amy- I need to read in bed before I can go to sleep. Otherwise my own thoughts just run wild. Of course- sometimes this means I end up staying up too late- but it helps more of them time than it hurts. :)

    The secret pregnancy sounds like an intriguing story. Wishing Amy the best of luck!


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