Feature on Adite Banerji and her The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal

This week's Author Feature is on Indian author Adite Banerji.

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Adventures of a Screenwriter & Romance Author
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Tell us about yourself


I was born in Patna and raised in Bombay. My father worked in the Hindi film industry (Bollywood) as an art director and my mother is a housewife who loves to read. I have been a financial journalist for almost two decades. I have written several spec screenplays and one of them (based on a true story) is being made into a film. I have lived in Mumbai, Calcutta and Delhi. Currently I live with my writer husband, my mother and our 12 year old Irish Setter in Greater Noida, a suburb of New Delhi.


What inspired you to be a writer?


I became a writer totally by accident. After I graduated from college—in commerce of all subjects!—I decided to do a diploma course in journalism. That was when I was hooked to the idea of taking up journalism as a career. I loved every day of my life as a journalist but there came a time when I wanted to explore fiction writing. That’s when I started learning about screenplay writing. Writing romance came next.


How did you choose your genre?


Again, romance chose me! I had written several spec screenplays but none of them were pure romances. Of course there would be the mandatory ‘love angle’ for the protagonist. But I was more into writing family oriented scripts.  When I came across Harlequin India’s aspiring authors contest, I decided to give it a shot. And so began my romance with the romance genre! J



What made you tell this story and why did you write this book?


Having been an avid Mills & Boon reader during my teens, I was always fascinated by the revenge trope. And that was what first popped into my mind. As I started developing the story, it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be the first time that anyone has written about a woman who wants revenge against her father’s enemy. Nor would it be such a unique idea to have her fall in love with the enemy’s son. We have seen a lot of those stories in Bollywood too, but by giving it a Mills & Boon-ish touch, some elements of Bollywood and a unique Indian setting, it could be as they say in screenwriting parlance, “similar but different”.



How did you come up with the title?


My original title for the book was “Dancing with the Enemy”. But the marketing team at Harlequin decided they needed to hook M&B readers—and hence the focus on the ‘tycoon’ as well as the India angle. And I must say, this works much better than my own title.


What is your favourite scene?


Ooh, my favourite scene in the book is when Maya and Krish drive to the cottage up in the Himalayas soon after their marriage. The ambience of a secluded cottage in the misty mountains with rain pouring down and sizzling chemistry between the two….I loved writing that scene!


 Tell us a little about your book?


My heroine, Maya Shome, is an independent young woman who has had a pretty tough life. She works as a landscape designer in Delhi. After the death of her only parent she vows to wreak revenge against KD, the man who ruined him. The Hero, Krish Dev, is the reluctant heir of his father KD’s business empire. But he has serious issues with his dad and besides he is setting up his own business project. He knows how manipulative his dad can be and will do anything to stay out of his control. Maya wants to infiltrate the Dev household in a bid to bring him down. Krish decides to thwart his father’s plan of arranging his marriage by proposing to Maya. But he is unaware of Maya’s secret agenda. When the two get married, they are attracted to each other and Maya falls in love with Krish. Can she go through with her plan to wreak revenge and what will happen when Krish finds out the truth?
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Amazon.in Book Link: The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal


  1. I do like the sound of this one and am looking forward to reading it congrats on the release

    Have fun

  2. Thank you, Helen! :) Hope you enjoy it!

  3. This sounds like a great book. I like the description and I loved the interview. I agree with Adite-aI loved the journalism classes I took in college. :)


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