Feature on Teresa Carpenter and her STOLEN KISS FROM A PRINCE

Today's feature on author Teresa Carpenter and her latest release...

Teresa Carpenter on the Web:


Tell us about yourself?

I live in Southern California surrounded by my large family. If I’m not at a family event, you’ll usually find my at home reading or writing my next grand romance. I’m proud to say I’m the author of thirteen romance novels for Harlequin Books, and a novella for Boroughs Publishing Group. My books have rated couple of Top Picks by Romantic Times and have been nominated for Best Romance of the Year by a couple of review sites.

What inspired you to be a writer?

My name is Teresa Carpenter and I am a romance reader addict. I love to read, and romance is my drug of choice. And I enjoy most all the genres series, contemporary, historical, suspense, paranormal. Way back when there came a time when quantity overcame quality and I was disappointed by one too many books. I decided I could do better. So I gave it a try.  

How did you choose your genre?

I started reading Harlequin Romances when I was in middle school. To me the heroines were progressive, gutsy, and adventurous. And the heroes were bigger than life and way out of the heroines’ (and my) league, yet they still found true love together. I guess it’s a form of going back to my roots.


What made you tell this story and why did you write this book?

The Romance line took on a new direction incorporating international glamor. I’d just finished up my Princess Camp trilogy in the fictitious country of Pasadonia. So, I thought what’s more glamorous than royalty? I really enjoy including characters from previous books, so I returned to Pasadonia and created another kingdom and royal family in a point of crisis. And family is my thing, so giving the new bachelor prince regent a young nephew to care for seemed the very thing to keep him grounded. And when he forgets, the child’s temporary nanny is there to remind him.

How did you come up with the title?


Harlequin came up with the title. I was a little concerned when I saw it. I was like who stole the kiss from whom? My editor’s response was it didn’t matter. And I suppose it doesn’t. Then again, I know who stole the kiss.

What is your favourite scene?

My favourite scenes are on the train trip from Pasadonia to Kardana. The characters travel in a luxury train car. It’s glamorous but intimate forcing the characters to interact with each other. Prince Julian is witness to Katrina’s gentle, sincere care of his young nephew. She’s protective, dedicated, and loving.  And when Julian receives tragic news he reaches out to her for comfort.

Tell us a little about your book?

It’s the story of love and loss, of being forced beyond your comfort zone, and finding the strength to persevere in the face of tragedy. It’s a story of hope and survival, of family coming together and new love blossoming. 

Teresa Carpenter's latest release...

 When royal duty calls… 

Charged with the care of the newly orphaned heir to the Kardana throne, nanny Katrina Vicente finds herself faced with an even more formidable task—working alongside the boy's uncle, the devastatingly handsome Prince Julian, the prince regent. 

Desperate to keep the secrets of her past under lock and key, getting involved with a prince is the last thing Katrina needs, particularly with the world watching. But it's hard to ignore their instant chemistry—especially after one stolen kiss! Could her royal assignment be about to transform into the most magical of fairy tales?

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    1. It was fun creating my own fairy tale. Do you have a favorite story line?

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  4. Yay for Cali writers! (Even those of us transplanted elsewhere... :) This sounds like such a fun read!

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  6. Sounds like a really sweet story!

  7. Best of luck to Teresa! It was fun to learn more about her and find out what inspired her to write this romance. I think it is fascinating that she didn't pick the title. :)

  8. So exciting! I still have a warm place in my heart for Harlequin novels, having written them for so long in my 20s! I never made it to published status, but I really wanted to be a Harlequin author!

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