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We have debut author Aurelia B. Rowl and she brought a GIVEAWAY As well!

Aurelia B Rowl is a contemporary romance author but you can also find her masquerading as Allie A Burrow, her raunchier alter-ego.

She lives on the edge of the Peak District in the UK with her very understanding husband and their two fantastic children aged 5 and 3, along with their mad rescue mutt who doesn’t mind being used as a sounding post and source of inspiration. They are all used to her getting too caught up with her latest writing project... or five!... and she is guiltily counting down the months until she has both kids at school full-time.  

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Here she is answering some of our questions...

RBH: Who is Aurelia B. Rowl?

Aurelia B Rowl is a contemporary romance author, aspiring young adult writer, and also a blogger and social network addict. She also masquerades as Allie A Burrow, her raunchier alter-ego, set to hit the virtual bookshelves in March.

When she hasn’t got one of her ‘writer’ hats on, she is mum to her son and daughter, aged 5 and 3 (although turning 6 and 4 next week), wife to her very understanding husband, and ‘boss’ to their 8 year-old rescue dog. She studiously ignores the housework for as long as possible, choosing to play with the kids, or spend the time either creating her own stories or losing herself in somebody else’s.

RBH: What inspired you to be a writer?

 It all started at the back end of 2010 when my husband unearthed my box of books in the darkest depths of the garage. I couldn’t help picking one up and devouring it, and then another, and another. My love of reading came back with a vengeance, I was insatiable. I quickly worked through the books I had and became a regular at the library, as well as borrowing books from friends. In April or May 2011, I got the Kindle app on my phone, cue downloading dozens of free books, including one by Liz Fielding. I’d always resisted eReaders but was totally converted, so I got a Kindle for my birthday in the October. One of the perks of an e-reader is its discretion, so I could read Mills & Boons to my heart’s content, without raising an eyebrow or getting ‘those’ looks.

By this point, I’d read many books on my kindle and finished some of them thinking, “I could write better than that”. Towards the end of October, my first romance story took root in my head so I sat and jotted it down in a notebook. When it still wouldn’t leave me alone, I sat at my computer and decided, “this is it”. I came up with a pen name – an anagram of my real name – and created a Facebook page, closely followed by a blog. Even then, I knew I would need to build a platform and a support group, but it also made it real to me, and it was something I was accountable for. With that done, I set about learning how to write, having not done any creative writing since I’d left school twenty years earlier. And from there, I haven’t looked back.

Incidentally, I went on to read 212 books in 2011 – so it’s safe to say that reading inspired me to become a writer.

RBH: How did you chose your genre?

 I write what I like to read. My favourite genre to read is YA paranormal/fantasy, and I do have a YA series in the pipeline, but I have to accept it is beyond my skills at this time. I also love to read contemporary romance, and can honestly say that I have been influenced by Liz Fielding, and the way she makes me relate to the characters and get drawn into their story. Maybe once I’ve got the hang of writing books with just two main characters and a few secondary characters, in the ‘real’ world, I can get back to my YA series with their many characters, dream realm and special powers?

 RBH: What made you tell this story and why did you write this book?

This story was never planned. I was happily working on another story back in May when I saw a publisher call-out for Christmas/Holiday stories. The spark caught and burst into flame. The longer I stared at the blank page, the more the characters came to me. I started out by writing the opening scene, and it all grew and developed from there.

RBH: How did you come up with the title?

The title came very early on, and was a huge contributor to the actual plot. Not only is a variation of ‘Christmas is Cancelled’ used a couple of times in the text of story, it is also the over-arcing theme.

RBH: Tell us a little about Christmas is Cancelled...

Christmas is Cancelled is a contemporary romance set in the UK during the Christmas holiday and is based around a chance reunion with Tilly and her older brother’s best friend, Dean, at a time when her carefully constructed world has collapsed around her. It is also a tale of unrequited love, or at least that’s what Tilly thinks.

Christmas Is Cancelled

Matilda 'Tilly' Carter didn't think her day could get any worse, but even Christmas had just been cancelled.

The one girl Dean Watson has sworn never to have—never even expected to see again—just flared back into his life and into his home—his sanctuary—like she belonged there. Christmas would certainly be more bearable with Tilly around though…

As the chinks in Dean's armor appear, Tilly seizes the chance to win her knight once and for all. She's not about to take no for answer—not this time—but Dean must resist, even as his heart rebels and temptation threatens to undermine his resolve.

Win or lose? Love or honor? Which will Dean choose? Assuming he gets a choice…


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  1. Hi Aurelia, great to see you over here. I hope your sales are going well.

    1. Thanks Maria :-)

      Sales have now dried up, it would seem, but it has been lots of fun.

    2. Welcome to Romance Book Haven, Aurelia! I do hope you will enjoy chatting with all my friends here!

      Thanks for coming by Maria!

  2. Thank goodness for e-readers! I didn't get one for a while either, but I wouldn't have shelf space for the number of books I have on it now. 212 books in a year! That's some going Aurelia.

    1. Hi Christy, I currently have 1,000-odd books on my Kindle, I couldn't even contemplate adding that many print copies to my bookshelves o_O

    2. Hi Christy!

      You should see my Kindle! Full of books and no time to read!

      Thanks for coming by!

  3. Hi Aurelia, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I hope your future aspirations are very successful. I admire anyone who can manage to do some writing with young children and I love that you studiously ignore housework hahahahaha. I'm looking forward to reading Christmas is Cancelled, I adore second chance stories. I love your videos's Nas, you're amazing!

    1. Thanks Tash! But you know the credit goes to Aurelia here, as she walked me through on how to make them!

      When I saw her Christmas is Cancelled video trailer, I was blown away and asked her, so she gave me links and then still emails me comments on what to do where!

      Thanks Aurelia!

      But you did open a can of worms as I keep on making them now!

    2. Hi Tash, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too.

      I figure the housework will still be there when the kids are grown, right now I'd rather enjoy them whilst they're young than worry about the dust bunnies.

      And thank you, Nas, I was more than happy to help. I don't think you can beat the writing community, and it's all about paying it forward.

    3. Nas, I like the can of worms heheh. Aurelia, you have done a fab job at teaching Nas :) I also saw a house mat the other day in Australia, one that is usually found at the front door? It said: One of us has to look good, it's either me or the house! Loved it lol. And there's another saying, a messy home is a happy home, hehe, not that mine is always messy, i'm just a bit busy, with the kids...reading... lol

  4. I loved reading how you chose your genre. So very true. Your works look great- and I have a feeling you are really on your way to wider audiences this new year~

    1. Thank you Shelly, here's hoping *fingers crossed*

  5. Congrats to Aurelia on the new book! All success!

    Happy New Year to you, Nas.

  6. Love the title - Christmas is Cancelled! It was nice reading about you!

    1. Thanks Sherry,

      My title was very nearly a prophecy too, when my children's norovirus bug started wiping out the rest of the family of Christmas Eve. EEK! We managed a more muted Christmas Day instead.

  7. Nas, you have the best interviews! Aurelia's work looks fabulous. Thanks so much for this! :D

  8. Congrats, Aurealia! The cover for your book is fantastic. Definitely catches the eye! And wow, 212 books is a lot to read in one year. :D

    1. Thanks Cherie, I too love the cover of my book.

      I didn't do nearly as well with my reading in 2012, just about getting to 100, and have only set myself a target of 50 this year as I have lots of writing planned instead.

  9. Great cover and description. It was interesting how Aurelia came to write. I also caught the reading bug before I started writing.

    1. Thanks Medeia, those pesky books have a lot to answer for :-)

  10. Awww Dean!! Why resist the delectable Tilly!! :-)

    Lovely to meet you Aurelia!! I love your name and how you read THAT MANY BOOKS in one year!! I am in super AWE!! Take care

    1. Thank you.

      I'm still not quite sure how I managed that total, seeing as my children were only 4 & 2 at the time, yet they were still fed, clothed and played with every day.

      This year, I'm going for a much more conservative '50', having only just reached my 100 target in 2012.


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