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We have author Donna Shields at RBH and she is sharing about her latest release Secrets of Jenkins Bridge and she will be giving away a copy to one commenter!

Have you read Donna Shield's The Swan Cove Murders- Where the dead speak to her, danger finds her, and love saves her.

COMING JUNE 6TH: Secrets of Jenkins Bridge from Soul Mate Publishing

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Hunting down a dangerous mob boss has brought FBI agent Mitchell Donovan home, reawakening an old flame, resurrecting a dead best friend, and discovering fatherhood. As if those aren’t enough, his new case will push everything else aside: finding the kidnappers who took the daughter he never knew he had.

Katherine Delaney never forgot the heartbreak Mitchell had caused with his abrupt departure all those years ago. With her dead ex-husband accused of murder and her daughter kidnapped, she will place her trust in the one man who could trample her heart again if she gets too close. But, will the resurrection of Katherine’s ex-husband and Mitchell’s chase for a killer destroy their second chance at love and happiness?

So over to Donna now...

I’m here today at RBH to talk about my new release, Secrets of Jenkins Bridge. All romance books have one or more themes. Marriage of convenience, amnesia, opposite sides of the tracks, pregnancies, protector/protected, and the list goes on.

Secrets of Jenkins Bridge has several romantic themes:

Long Lost Loves: My hero, Detective (FBI Agent) Mitchell Donovan and my heroine, Katherine Delaney were high school sweethearts fifteen years earlier until one tragedy and several misunderstandings led Mitchell to leave town.

Kidnapping: Katherine’s teenaged daughter, Aly, is kidnapped which raises the stakes for Katherine.

Secret Babies: Aly is Mitchell’s daughter. He didn’t know as he left town before Katherine could tell him, and no one could track him down.

And, of course, there’s embezzlement, betrayals, and murder. All of this is enough to keep and raise the stakes throughout Katherine and Mitchell’s story.

What are your favorite themes? I will be giving away a copy of SECRETS OF JENKINS BRIDGE to one commenter!


  1. hi donna, and everyone . . i wanna say my favorite themes are so many, i like paranormal like were, shifter. etc. sometimes i like crime and mysteries like baverly burton, lisa jackson they have a great book.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  2. my favorite theme is historial, pararom and young adult

  3. Eli - I am a sucker for a great historical. It's like being swept off your feet.

  4. Thanks for the intro to Donna. I love hearing about author's books and journeys. I like many different themes, but always welcome the element of a nice romance. :)

    Happy weekend!

  5. I adore historical and mystery. Your plot sounds like a barn burner- should be a movie!

  6. I just won swag for this book over on Donna's site! Yay :) Nice to see you here too, Donna!

    I love when one of a book's central themes is romance. I love all kinds of friend and family relationships too :)

  7. These are great! Thanks for this post. I have to say my favorite one is Titanic.

  8. Karen-Thanks for your comment.

    Shelly-Lol, a movie. A girl can dream.

    Jemi-I love the family sagas.

    Gina-Yes, Titanic is awesome.

    Carol-Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

    And I must also say my absolute favorite love story is The Notebook.

  9. I like reunion stories, especially when the pair find stuff about each other which they missed last time and it makes ALL the difference.


  10. Love is my favourite theme!! Love against all odds! Yay!! Hi Donna - all the best for Secrets of Jenkins Bridge - sound exciting, explosive and thoroughly romantic! Take care

  11. Maria-especially when they were so immature because they were so young and 10-15 years go by. Totally different people.

    Denise-Me too. As long as there is romance going on, my nose is in the book.

    Old Kitty-Gotta have the love!

  12. And I have a winner :)

    Carol Kilgore - email me at for your free copy.

  13. Anonymous18 June, 2012

    I love many different themes. I appreciate the romantic ones.

    Congrats to Carol. :)

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  15. I was just reading alone - and then I got to the resurrection of her ex-husband line. What a neat premise for a story!

  16. Me too Medeia.

    Thank you Olympic Stadium.

    Denis Thanks. I love a good twist.


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