Book Club Discussion- The Nurse's Not -So- Secret Scandal!

We at Romance Book Haven Book Club read Wendy S Marcus’s The Nurse’s Not –So- Secret Scandal and decided to pick it as our book for this month!
Nas: The hero- Fig was tattoed! And the description was so vivid that I loved visualising it!

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Maria: The hero Fig: I don't actually like tattoos but I was lenient with Fig's when I saw the reason just why he had it.
In this medical romance, the unusual thing was that Fig was an IT professional rather than a doctor. The medical person in this romance was Roxie. Although both the hero and heroine were both memorable characters, it is my opinion that Roxie was the star of this story, no disrespect to the hero. Anyway, romances are generally written with women in mind as readers, so why shouldn't the heroine by the main character?

Desere: Fig certainly was a interesting character Nas, I am no fan of a tatttoed man but somehow Wendy made this one work, it certainly but quite the image in my minds eye, one that will not leave soon.

Nas:    Roxie was a spunky heroine. I laughed every time she demanded money from Fig for saying ‘sorry!’ The dialogue was spontaneous and witty. And she was not taking any nonsense from anyone.

Maria: Roxie's personality: It came out even when she appeared in ONCE A GOOD GIRL. She has a ready wit and tells it like it is. She is refreshingly candid and in your face honest. The scene where she reveals to the head nurse Victoria and investigator Fig that a video of her making love has been uploaded to a porn site is a classic. Fig watches fascinated then remarks that she has a great ass. She smiles proudly and says it's her best feature. Can you imagine this scene?

Desere: Roxie for me in the beginning of the book came of as a bit of the town easy girl - but once you get to know her you understand why she needs to lose herself in meaningless one night stands every now and then, but as the book progresses you learn she is a strong woman who faces more than one battle in life.

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Nas: Normally in Medical Romances, the hero and heroine work together in the profession, yet here the hero Fig was an IT professional and despite him having all these medical conditions, he still came out as very heroic!

Maria: Yes, that's an unusual feature of the story, Fig's not a medic but an IT man. He is definitely attractive in spite of the fact that he's not an alpha male type. He has a healthy attitude to relationships and sexuality and he is comfortable with what he is and who he is. That's what made him attractive for me.

Desere: Yes you are absolutely correct Nas, I have not yet read a medical romance where the two characters did not work together but it always seems to be nurse and doctor boring after about the fifth or six book definitely but what Wendy does is she spices it up everytime with a new and fun creative job for the other character instead of the norm.

Nas:  I had difficulty believing that Fig’s mother was poisoning him to keep him sick.  Though I do know this mental condition exists.

Maria: Fig's mother was obviously a woman whose love of her child went beyond the healthy norm. She obviously 'needed to be needed' and needed her son's dependence on her to validate her existence. Roxie's mother also has a mental illness so this is what the pair have in common.

Desere: This part for me was a new on in a book, I love watching crime stories so I am fully aware of the condition that Fig’s mother suffered from but to see it incorporated into a book was brilliant!

Nas: Roxie’s mother was hoarding all these things and I felt sorry for Roxie when she took the blame for not looking after her mother. She had a difficult childhood, that one! She went to rock bottom then climbed back up. I was filled with admiration for her.

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Maria: Roxie taking the blame for neglecting her mother. In family situations, things are very often not exactly the way they seem. How many people admire the brave wife of a man who drinks for taking care of the family so well, only to see her fall apart when the man chooses sobriety. There are so many family situations which look one way to outsiders, but the insiders know the truth.

Desere: I agree she had it really rough, but what got me that the most that her brothers were so mean about the situation, I am mean it was after all still their mother so how they could be so cruel and unkind was beyond me but it did also make Fig the ultimate hero!

Nas: Sex had become boring and she started experimenting! Lucky for her she met Fig when she did!

Maria: Sex had become boring? It was more interesting for her! I think that while sexual attraction brought Roxie and Fig together, it was the power of love which helped them to help each other to heal and move on in life.

Desere: As I said before Nas, she was using the meanless sex as a means of letting go every now and then and yes it does make her sound bad but I was so elated when she found Fig to make it all a new and wonderful experience for her that I nearly cried!

Nas: Remember the bed bath? Technically Roxie’s was not Fig’s nurse! To pull off that scene .... Ohhh...oh!

Maria: I think she was just using her professional expertise to get closer to him. No harm in that if the desired effect is achieved. It wasn't unprofessional behaviour as such - just an opportunity taken at the right time. This is my story and I'm sticking with it!!!

Desere:Ohhhh ...oh! indeed I was expecting his real nurse to pop her head in at any minute and be completely and utterly shocked but yes nicely done Wendy that was certainly something new.

Nas:  The sex scenes were at times so tender and other times so wild! And imagine that in a Medical Romance? This author loves pushing the boundaries and playing around with her characters! This was a refreshing story from the Medical line. It can no longer be said that it’s your aunt or mum’s favourite line. The HM&B Medical line is for the new generation of readers. The young adult students and housewives all share the passion for this line now with the introduction of new writers such as Wendy S Marcus.

Maria: I am not usually very comfortable with love scenes. But I found these scenes wonderfully easy to read. They were dealt with in a compassionate and human way which I found wonderful. There was nothing vulgar or erotic for the sake of eroticm.

Desere: Fully agreed! For me the medical romances have never been really all that interesting expect for the medical facts which I have always found educational and helpfull, but as for the wild and crazy sex scenes- yes now those I have only been able to discover in the medical romances by Melanie Milburne, and therefore I was surprised to find a another author who pushes the boundries and really goes all out to make the sex scenes- therefore the whole book fun, fresh, new and exciting.

Nas: I’ve read so many Medical Romances, but to come across so many conflicts and so well done in only 50,000 words was a surprise. Reading this story was thrilling as there was the element of danger. There was blackmail, drugs, theft and investigation of hospital narcotics supplies and the hero and heroines’ childhood issues. The kissing on the mouth issue is a reality as well among some people. And I hated Roxie’s brothers for not being there for her.

Maria: For a category romance, this story was as close to mainstream fiction as ever I've read in a novel.

Desere: Yes the element of surprise was the name of the game in this book, the author took me on a wild ride of thrilling new adventures and the added criminal parts really had me double checking the cover to make sure I was reading a medical romance. Quite simply- I loved it!

Nas:  Then there was a chance to catch up with Victoria and Kyle from ONCE A  GOOD GIRL. And I also loved revisiting with Ali and Dr Jared from WHEN ONE NIGHT ISN’T ENOUGH.

Maria:  It was good to catch up with Kyle and Victoria, even though we weren't 'in their heads' in this book. LOL. If you care about characters in a novel you read, you love to see they're doing after the book finishes! Would love to catch up with Roxie and Fig later too.

Desere:  Yes the incredible story of Victoria and Kyle from Once a Good Girl and also of Ali and Dr Jared making a entry in the book really was awesome, I adore when previous characters make comebacks in books it is like getting to know a family. And what a incredible “family “ the author has created, not only were Victoria, Ali and Roxie good friends they were we will stand together till the very end friends!

So friends! There you have it! Wendy S Marcus's The Nurse's Not -So- Secret Scandal has something for everyone! Every readers taste is catered to!

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  1. Okay. This is my third try. I hope it doesn't show up three times!

    Thank you for choosing The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal for your book discussion! I loved writing Roxie! And I love pushing the boundaries!

    I am blessed with a wonderful editor who lets my voice shine through and with wonderful readers who get where I'm coming from and accept that my books are a bit different from what they're used to.

    That the three of you enjoy my books makes the long hours at the computer worth it!

  2. Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for visiting our Book Club discussion!

    Maybe some readers would want to ask some questions...are you game to answer?

    It would be fantastic for readers to talk to the author of the book under discussion!

    Reader ask away....

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  4. This was a fun interview to read! Love Fig's name :-)

  5. Great post! I wonder about medical romance novels. I guess you have to research the thing like crazy. it must take a lot of time to do that.

    Roxie sounds like a great character. I'll have to read this book, for sure. You have definitely whet my appetite for it. :-)

  6. Oh those sneaky romantic IT types. You never know where they'll strike next.

  7. HI Deniz!

    Thanks for coming along to read! We loved discussing this book!

  8. You've piqued my interest. I haven't read a medical romance for years. Fun discussion.

  9. What a cool idea! I don't read many grown up books, but I love all the reviews here. :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I'm happy to answer questions if Blogger will accept my comments!

    Thanks Deniz! I liked Fig's name, too!

    Hi Robyn! Yes, medical romances do require research. But I don't think much more than any other topic you choose to write about. It depends on the subject matter and how familiar you are with it.

    Hi Leslie! Are you talking from 'sneaky romantic IT types' personal experience?

    Hi Shelley! Would love it if you'd choose The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal to re-introduce you to the medical romance line. I bet it's not at all what you expected!

    Hi Sharon!
    I think this book discussion is a terrific idea. And I'm honored my book was chosen.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  11. It was great learning about Roxie and the characters. I haven't read any of the medical romance books yet, but now I'd like to.

  12. I just said recently, medical romance is becoming my favourite category romance line. It's definitely because of the Madrin Memorial series to which this novel belongs.

  13. It was really interesting to read the discussion you had with each other. It made the review more meaningful, somehow.

  14. I'm so excited this book was picked! I LOVE Wendy's work and I thought this discussion was so much fun!

  15. This sounds so good!! I loved Wendy's first book and am eager to start her second (I have it right here waiting for me), and then I will happily move onto this one. Can't wait!

  16. Hi Medeia!
    The medical romance line has something for everyone! From sweet to sexy. I write on the sexy end of the spectrum.

    Hi Maria!
    Thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy you've enjoyed the Madrin Memorial Hospital series. I really miss those characters!

    Hi Jabblog!
    I agree! I think this book discussion was a fabulous idea! Thanks Nas!

    Hi Jen!
    Love your books, too!

    Hi Shelley!
    So glad you enjoyed When One Night Isn't Enough! Thank you for buying my books!

    And thanks to everyone for stopping by!

  17. Hi Nas,Wendy,Maria and everyone else so sorry I am late to the party work gets in the way sometimes I am affaird.

    Robyn I agree with you I do recon that there much be so much more than just penning it down , getting the medical facts straight I would say has to be one heck of a challenge.

  18. GRRRR Blogger is giving me trouble. I've spent hours trying to fix the problem. Here's to my fifth, sixth, seventh.... attempt at commenting.

    Hi Medeia!
    There's something for everyone in the medical romance line. From sweet to sexy. I write at the sexy end of the spectrum. I'd love it if you'd choose The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal as your first medical romance. I bet it's different than what you expected.

    Hi Maria!
    I'm so happy you've enjoyed my Madrin Memorial Hospital series. I really miss those characters. Thanks for your great reviews of my books!

    Hi Jabblog!
    I agree! I think this book discussion is a fabulous idea! Thanks Nas!

    Hi Jen!
    Love your work, too!

    Hi Shelley!
    I'm so happy you enjoyed When One Night Isn't Enough! Thank you for buying my books!

    Hi Desere!
    Thanks for participating in this book discussion and for your great reviews of my books!

    And thanks to everyone for stopping by!

  19. I've just fiddled around with Blogger settings, so hopefully Wendy and everyone else won't have problem posting comments.

    Maria, Desere and myself read Wendy's The Nurse's Not -So- Secret Scandal and we kept talking about it so I thought it would be fun if we posted what we talked about! Some things are shocking and some were fun!

    It was highly emotional at times, we felt strongly for Roxie- no matter good or bad I've seen Roxie generate feelings in every readers hearts

  20. I haven't read this book, but I'm currently reading another one by Wendy Marcus. And I'm enjoying it very much!

  21. This is a great way to discuss a book. It certainly does sound like it has something for everyone.

  22. I loved reading this discussion of The Nurse's Not -So- Secret Scandal by three different readers.

    Thank you for sharing. Sounds an exciting book!

  23. I loved this discussion. I think that this book is really different and a great introduction to the medical romance line and to category romance in general. It's such an original piece of work and in a complete category of its own.

    I look forward to more discussions on this blog.

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  25. Hi Carol!
    I'm glad you're enjoying my book! Some people think The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal is the best in the three book series. Any comments out there?

    Hi Lynda!
    I agree. This book discussion was a great idea! Thanks again, Nas!

    Hi Laura!
    I loved the three different perspectives, too!

    Hi Maria!
    Thank you for participating. I know how busy everyone is and I really appreciate the time you, Desere and Nas put into this!

    And thanks to everyone for stopping by!

    And special thanks to Nas for coordinating all this and adding a Name/URL option for comments!!!!!

  26. Hi Maria, Desere and Nas!! I feel like I've gatecrashed into a lively discussion without any wine or chocolate to offer! Wow! Take care

  27. Sounds like a good book - thanks for the discussion!

  28. Oh no! Old Kitty!

    We have wine and chocolates here! You just need to bring yourself!

    Thank you Susan!


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