Once A Good Girl

Reviewed by Nas

ONCE A GOOD GIRL by author Wendy S Marcus is a Mills & Boon Medical December 2011 release in UK and Harlequin Medical January 2011 release in NA.

Victoria Forley was a single mum and after lot of struggle was now on her way to her dream job of Director of Nursing at Madrin Memorial Hospital. She had worked hard for her promotion but will the appearance of the town’s bad boy, Kyle Karlinsky change that? After all Kyle was the father of her son Jake and he had left town the same day she lost her virginity to him!

Does he expect to walk back in her life and just take off where he left off? Isn’t he nine years too late for that? And she realized he was the Dr.K everyone was talking about!

When Kyle comes face to face with his son, he realizes the sacrifices Victoria must have made to bring up his son. How she must have stood up to her strict father at seventeen just to have the baby. Kyle realizes he never stopped loving her. But would Victoria see the man behind the previous betrayal she felt, and let the attraction she feels for him now grow? Because meeting Kyle was like coming out of deep freeze after nine years! And Kyle aims to make her crave him like he craved her. Once he accomplishes that then he’ll go for her heart!

ONCE A GOOD GIRL is a beguiling romance that tugged at my heartstring and kept me on the edge of my seat. A fabulous teenage story is depicted of illicit attraction, forbidden passion and the healing power of love in adulthood.

Wendy S Marcus’s has written this tale with such depth, sensitivity and heart that readers will not be able to resist devouring this romance amid all the medical drama in a single sitting. The witty dialogue and the mesmerizing emotions will keep the reader glued to the pages. 
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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review!

  2. Hi Wendy!

    Thank you for coming by to read my review of ONCE A GOOD GIRL! This was an awesome story.
    You sure know how to keep readers entertained and glued to the pages!

  3. Writing convincingly is an art:-)

  4. Thank you Jabblog for coming along and commenting!

  5. Hello there!! Oh what a fabbo romantico blog to visit!! And you are being very mysterious by being most minimal about yourself! I LIKE very much!! Awww it's lovely!! And doesn't this blurb sound just squishy yummy?!?!?! (Don't worry I don't actually speak like this! LOL! Well not entirely. Ahem!) I love the premise of the book, I'm liking Victoria and I do so hope she makes Kyle WORK very very very very hard for him to even catch a glimpse of her toenail! Bad Kyle!! Take care

  6. Hello Old Kitty!

    Thanks for coming along to read this review. I'm glad you like the premise of the book and don't worry Victoria makes Kyle work really hard..I do believe silken cords and some other things were mentioned!

  7. Awe that sounds like a really sweet story. :-)

  8. Sounds like a great read! Congrats to Wendy on another good book.

  9. Great review! It sounds like a wonderful book. :)

  10. Hello Misha, Talli and Sharon!

    Glad you enjoyed reading my review of Once A Good Girl!

  11. Kyle, you scoundrel! I'd like to see how this book turns out.

  12. Ohhh! Did Kyle make Victoria crave him? Loved this review of Once a Good Girl!


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